Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Marmalicious

No, I'm not saying that Marmee from Little Women was hot.  I'm saying that using marmalade as a base for a hot toddy is delicious.

I made a few half pints of this tangerine based marmalade a few days ago and started using it on everything.  Piled on crackers with goat cheese- check.  On buttered breakfast toast-natch.   Hot toddy- oh yeah.

Lacking meyer lemons, I used a little more than half a grapefruit instead.  It made it more on the bitter side, more of a 'Vintage Oxford' style of British marmalade.  I also substituted honey for a quarter cup of white sugar to give it a richer flavor. 

For the toddy:  A spoonful of marmalade, hot water, a glug of bourbon.  Not an exact science for me, obviously. I do prefer bourbon to whiskey, though, because it rounds out the marmalade nicely- but I'm sure that whatever you've got on hand will work well on a cold night.


the demon baker of lincoln st. said...

Delicious marmalade, Gina! Griffin is also a fan. I'll have to try your toddy recipe.

I just saw a recipe for marmalade cookies on another blog...http://midwesternexposure.wordpress.com/2011/02/23/circa-1950-orange-marmalade-cookies/

Gina said...

Oh man, did you see the nutella cookie sandwiches made with those?